Trick Eye Museum at RWS Singapore!

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It’s been a long, long time since my last update on Wandersugar! There’s been lots going on, and I’m really excited to get you up to speed on all I’ve been up to this year 🙂

Earlier this year, we were invited over to Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa for day of wacky fun! It was my first time visiting Trick Eye, or any optical illusion attractions for that matter, so I was super excited.

Trick Eye Museum

The name “Trick Eye” stems from the phrase, “trick of the eye” – an illusionary or art technique that transforms two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images.

This technique has its roots in ancient Europe, but only became popular during the Baroque period (which lasted between the 17th and 18th centuries.) And today, the world-renowned Trick Eye Museum brings this centuries-old art technique to life. Step into Trick Eye and prepare to have your mind boggled! There are 5 museums around the world, specifically in Seoul, Jeju, Busan, Hong Kong, and one right here in Singapore.

Mind-bending illusions

The museums are all covered with intricate paintings, right down to every inch of their floors, walls, and ceilings.The exhibits you’ll find at Trickeye are divided into themes, such as fairytale, supernatural, mystery, or fantasy. One of the things I love most about Trick Eye is that they encourage you to touch everything – no part of any installation is ever out of bounds!

There’s a helpful sticker with little footprints on each installation – this is the best recommended place your cameraman/woman should be standing in, so as to snap that perfect picture. At just the right angle, flat images come alive, transporting you into the middle of open oceans or even the mouth of a monster. All you have to do is strike a pose, and voila – you’ll have a quirky, instaworthy snapshot!

We really took our time at each installation (it’s a good thing that there’s no limit to how much time we can spend in the museum!) and came out with some pretty memorable shots.

Cruising across the ocean in style
Jockey dreams
Vin is afraid of heights

It’s especially fun when you can pose for photos together with friends or loved ones – it just makes the experience that much more fun (and super hilarious too!)

Alice in Wonderland!

I’m not sure we should even be hanging from the ceiling if we’re ever attacked by a giant snake – I mean, it’s not even a good hiding place lol

The exhibits here also serve as great backdrops for cool new profile pictures!

I’m probably way too happy about being swallowed by a giant fish 😂

And then there are just some downright hilarious get-ups you must try:

One of the most iconic Trick Eye installations – have your head served on a platter! Or in this case, have your hair pulled 😂
This was one of my favourites!


My virgin experience at Trick Eye – and walking into 4D optical illusions – was pretty incredible. The art is surreal, and yet realistic at the same time. Trick Eye is definitely going to be a pit stop the next time I visit South Korea or Hong Kong too! I wonder if there are different installations there for us to explore – that would be really interesting. Trick Eye packs a day full of fun, regardless of whether you’re visiting with your kids, friends, or family. (It could even make for a quirky first date idea!)


How to get there

Address: Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway #01-43/44 Singapore 098138

The museum is located next to the boardwalk bridge and along the waterfront (facing Vivocity) on Sentosa island. There’s a couple of ways to get to Trick Eye via public transport, but first you will have to take a train to HarbourFront MRT station (which is on both the NEL and Circle lines). From there, you can either:

  • Head up to the topmost floor of Vivocity. Hop onto the Sentosa Express monorail, and get off one stop later at Waterfront Station. From there, it’s a 3 minute walk to the museum.
  • Hop onto bus number RWS8 (from bus stop #14141 at VivoCity, or bus stop #14121 at Merrill Lynch,
    Harbour Front.) Alight at Resort World Sentosa, and walk towards the waterfront.
  • Make your way through Vivocity, and look for signs towards the Sentosa Boardwalk. Simply walk along the stretch of this bridge – it’s a short 10 minute walk at most from end to end. When you reach the end, turn right – you will see Trick Eye!

For more information and to book your tickets, please visit their website here.


Ending off this post with another one of my favourite shots of the day. Here’s us riding off into the sunset with our flying horse… till the next post! ☺️