Airbnb Review: Casamarine, Jeju Island

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On our last trip to Korea last year, we visited Jeju Island for slightly more than 24 hours. We decided to splurge a little on our accommodation for that one night, and settled on a cozy-looking Airbnb, nestled near the northwestern coast of Jeju Island – the beautiful Casamarine house!


casamarine jeju living room

Photo Credit: Casamarine,


The Host

Prior to confirming our booking, the host, Yoonjong, communicated with me via Airbnb’s dedicated messaging service and KakaoTalk (one of the more popular social networking platforms in South Korea) to provide me with all the details we would need for our stay. As the house is about 30 minutes away from the airport by car, and we weren’t familiar with Jeju roads, she even went as far as to draw us little maps to show us how to get there, and recommended good seafood restaurants we should try while in Jeju. We never physically met, but it was an excellent experience dealing with this host!


The Location

The house itself is a short 20 minute drive away from Jeju International Airport and also the city centre, where most of the famous food stops and markets are. But that doesn’t really matter because firstly – if you’re in Jeju, you’re definitely going to need to rent a car anyway, as there’s not much public transport to shuttle you around. And secondly, there’s plenty of food options around the house’s vicinity as well (though also only reachable via car).

aewol beach casamarine jeju

Photo Credit: Casamarine,

Casmarine is also located near the Aewol seaside road, and just a 5 minute drive away from a beautiful cliff coast. We were in Jeju during winter, and let’s just say the sea breeze was pretty strong along the coast (like push you off balance strong) at this time of year! The view of the endless ocean was breathtaking nonetheless, and I could have stood there gazing at the sea forever.


The House

casamarine exterior jeju

The house is located in a sprawling farmland, with crops on some parts and cows and horses on others (yes, cows were our neighbours for the day). Plus, there’s an outdoor jacuzzi – which we obviously couldn’t and wouldn’t use in winter (you can see it in the picture above), but if you’re visiting in warmer seasons, it would be a blast! It’s a tranquil and much needed getaway from the hustle of city life, and it was on this plot of land that I saw my first ever snowfall the morning after.

casamarine interior jeju
Le boyfriend, happy to be home away from home after a long journey!

I absolutely loveeeeeeed the house and everything in it. Every room was just impeccably clean and neat when we arrived. The decor was modern, and the art pieces and trinkets hanging around the house just added touches of homeliness to the entire place.

casamarine interior jeju

The walls are decorated with dark redwoods and industrial greys, but the huge sliding doors in the living room allowed for plenty of sunlight to stream in during the day. In the cold of winter, this house was warm inside and out. It’s a pity I was only there for one night – it would have been nice to spend more nights cozying up with my friends, chatting the night away!

casamarine room jeju

casamarine room jeju

The bedrooms I took on the ground floor also had a sliding door that led out to the backyard (and what I looked out of and noticed the first snow falling! Which led to a subsequent scramble to wake everyone up and run outside with barely any clothes on, ha!) With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, the house can accommodate at least four people; but if you’re with a bigger group, don’t worry. The host will add additional korean-style beddings to fit up to three more people.


The Cost*

At SGD258 for one night (after service fees), this accommodation option was slightly pricier. However, it completely exceeded all my expectations in terms of cleanliness, ambience, and service from the host. After splitting it five-ways, the cost per pax came to a little over SGD51 for the stay. Totally worth it in my opinion, for a clean, warm, safe, and cozy nook for cold nights!


Rating: 4.5 stars

Airbnb Rating-4.5


Except for the slightly far out location, everything else is perfect about this place!



Aewol-eup, Jeju-si,Jeju-do,South Korea

Entire home with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms on 2 floors

Capacity: 4-7 pax


Check out Casamarine’s Airbnb Listing here!

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*Airbnb prices do fluctuate along with the season, so do check before you confirm your booking!